Free HTTPS For All From The EFF

Although the HTTP protocol has been hugely successful, it is inherently insecure. …we need to move to a future where every website is HTTPS by default.With a launch scheduled for summer 2015, the Let’s Encrypt CA will automatically issue and manage free certificates for any website that needs them. Switching a webserver from HTTP to HTTPS with this CA will be as easy as issuing one command, or clicking one button.

I’ve wanted to acquire a TLS certificate for my personal sites for a couple of years, but, as the launch post says, “The biggest obstacle to HTTPS deployment has been the complexity, bureaucracy, and cost of the certificates that HTTPS requires.” I even tried to get a free cert from StartSSL, but I was quickly bewildered. The Let’s Encrypt project—and its one-click ease-of-use—sounds awesome.


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