Retiring Markdown on Save Improved

Last night I released v2.5 of Markdown on Save Improved, which will be the last release of my most popular plugin. I’m retiring it because MoSI v3 is essentially the Markdown module in Jetpack, which I also wrote.

MoSI v2.5 includes a conversion utility to migrate all of your Markdown posts to work with the format that Jetpack’s Markdown module expects. Nothing would have broken, this just lets you keep previous unconverted Markdown revisions. Speaking of which, here’s some of the additional goodness Jetpack’s Markdown module will bring you compared to MoSI:

  • Plays nicely with revisions
  • Always on: MoSI merely defaulted to enabled on a per-post basis. Now you just turn it on for the whole blog.
  • Enhanced GitHub Flavored Markdown-inspired syntax additions (including fenced code blocks)
  • Markdown for comments (separate setting)
  • Better compatibility with shortcodes
  • And, maybe most importantly, responsive support and bug fixes!

5 thoughts on “Retiring Markdown on Save Improved

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  2. Hi Matt,

    i understand that you want to concentrate all your work and time in one project. But in my opinion Jetpack is not a good solution if you want just to have markdown in your WordPress: what a huge plugin just to have markdown!

    This is my case: I don’t need Jetpack and I don’t want it in my WordPress, but if I want markdown i have to. All or nothing…

    I write this lines just to give you some feedback. And of course to thank you for your plugin: I’ve been using it for years and it has worked great 🙂


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