Move to Subsite Released

Now that I’m working at Automattic, I have this novel thing called free time that I plan to partially use to release a few plugins I’ve had on the backburner for a while.

First up is Move to Subsite. I’ve come across lots of WP sites that initially used categories and/or pages to organize a large site into what amounts to a series of subsites. This approach doesn’t scale, particularly once your organization grows to the point where you want certain people to only have posting rights for that pseudo-subsite.

This is exactly the scenario I ran into when developing the Salvation Army Canada site: each regional territory had a category with a page that pulled in categorized content. My plugin made short work of that: now each division—like the Prairies, for instance—has its own subsite on a network install. Neat and tidy.


One thought on “Move to Subsite Released

  1. thinktaiwan says:

    hey LOVE your plugin and the idea behind it as im needing it now on a site I run. However, it doesn’t work 100% because it doesn’t pull the images attached to a post For the site I run its mostly about the images so I can’t use this plugin unless you know of a quick fix to make it pull the image along for the ride? Thanks for your time and help!


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